ICMMM 2023

ICMMM 2023 PHOTO GALLERY | Washington, D. C., USA | August 18-20, 2023

2023 10th International Conference on Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing (ICMMM 2023), was held in Washington, D. C., USA during August 18-20, 2023. This year’s conference will be composed of 1 onsite session and 1 online session, which cover the range of interesting topics include Materials Science and Mechanical Manufacturing & Engineering Material Evaluation, Solid Mechanics and Intelligent Manufacturing. In addition, 4 keynote speeches will be delivered by Prof. Guo-Quan Lu (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA), Prof. Nourredine Boubekri (University of North Texas, College of Engineering Denton, Texas, USA), Prof. Weidong Zhu (University of Maryland, USA), and Prof. Michael E. Johnson (Capital Technology University, USA).

Other great memories moments:

ICMMM 2023 Best Presentation Award
"Analysis of the Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Cement Composite Produced with Brake Lining Waste"
Presenter: Joao Batista Lamari Palma e Silva, State University of Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil

"Formation of Micro-Micro Titanium Composite Powder Using Layer-by-Layer Electrostatic Adsorption Process"
Presenter: Mubasher Ali, The Chinese University of HongKong, Hong Kong